Pursuing Christ as he renews the city. 

Central West End Church is a church of Jesus Christ that exists to help build a great city through a movement of the gospel that brings spiritual, social, and cultural renewal to St. Louis and to the world. 

We're committed to creating a community where people are free to explore life's biggest questions and Christianity's answers, a place that recognizes and welcomes the diverse cultural backgrounds of our city, and where together we can serve the members of our community who are in greatest need. We hope to meet you soon!

Current Series: Exodus

In spite of our increasing secularism, most people at some point experience a hunger for something beyond this world; something fuller, deeper, greater, more meaningful. An experience of God. However, when you open the Bible, you immediately encounter words like “sin” and “salvation.” In our culture, it’s natural to have an allergic reaction to such concepts as being primitive, ignorant, and repressive. But we don’t actually understand what the Bible means when it uses these words. If we really want to experience God, we need to get a better grasp of these concepts. The book of Exodus is one of the best places to do that, because it sets the paradigm for what those things actually mean. We invite you to join us as we plunge into the depths of this life-changing book.

This Sunday: Exodus 19:2-9,16-20, “The City Of God"