Pursuing Christ as He renews the city.

Central West End Church is a community where people are free to explore the big questions of life and the answers of Jesus, where the diverse cultural backgrounds of the city are welcomed, and where together we serve the most vulnerable members of our community. We hope to welcome you soon!

Current sermon series: “The Book”

The Bible can be a complicated book. It's complicated to read. It's complicated to understand. And it's especially complicated to figure out what kind of role, if any, it ought to play in our lives and in our world.

But for thousands of years, this book has been changing lives and transforming the world.

Why? What is it? Why do we need it? How are we supposed to understand it?

Join us beginning August 4 as we find answers for these and other questions by looking at The Book.

This Sunday, August 25

Psalm 119 (selections), “How Do We Read God’s Word?”